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The Saucy Cook of Lincoln, NE offers quality sauces, cheeses from around the world, a variety of oils and vinegars, and more. We offer cooking classes and accept special orders. We guarantee quality products because you deserve nothing less.

Sauces - Lincoln, NE - The Saucy Cook

Learn More About The Saucy Cook:

  • Cheeses from around the world
  • Oils and vinegars
  • Hot sauces and salsas
  • Indian and Asian sauces
  • BBQ sauce and BBQ rubs
  • Unique spice mixes
  • A full line of herbs, spices, flavor extracts, and salts
  • Honey, jelly, and syrup
  • Mustard and other sandwich spreads
  • Olives, nuts, dried fruit, dried peppers, and dried mushrooms
  • Spaghetti sauce and handmade noodles
  • Drink mixes and drink garnishes
  • Chocolate (for eating and baking)
  • Breads, crackers, and other snack foods
  • Dip mixes and pre-made dips
  • Demi-glace, soup, and sauce bases
  • Dessert toppings and mixes
  • Baking and cake decorating
  • Coffee, tea, and hot cocoa
  • Gift baskets
  • Cooking classes
Special Orders:
  • Cheeses – over 60 cheeses from around the world and literally hundreds more to choose from
  • Caviar – many choices, both domestic and import
  • Salmon and other seafood – smoked salmon, smoke tuna, seafood salad, and more
  • Foie Gras and Pate – frozen or canned, in several combinations
  • Truffles – the prized fungus (not the candy)
  • Bulk sizes – we do not provide catering services but we are able to get many products in large quantities for your next big get-together
  • And more 

Contact The Saucy Cook today at 402-327-0114 for inquiries.

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